If you are new to, or returning to, running:

We welcome all runners over the age of 16. If you’re just taking up, or returning to, running please take a look at our beginners section.

We offer free, coached sessions to get you started. Our Beginners Group will take you from an absolute beginner to being able to run comfortably for an hour.

Membership Applications:

We offer three types of membership, Affiliated, Non-affiliated and Second Claim.

Affiliated – you will become affiliated as a ‘First Claim’ runner to Littledown Harriers and your membership includes England Athletics (EA) membership fees. A club vest is included in your initial membership application fee. If you enter a race as an Affiliated Littledown Harrier club runner, you will usually be entitled to a reduced entry fee however you are required to wear the club kit. It is important to raise the profile of the club and what better way than to see Harrier vests throughout a race! (Please note: the club vest will need to be collected from Up and Running in Winton.)

Non-affiliated – this membership allows you to run on training nights with the club, but not to race in running events under the club name and consequently you do not need to pay EA Fees. This might be suited to some runners who do not have time to race and would prefer to just run socially with the club.

Second Claim – this option is for runners who already have a First Claim Club and are already UKA affiliated with them. We will require the name of your First Claim Running Club and your UKA Membership Number to be able to submit your application. Minimum age 16.

How To Apply

You can apply for any membership type by clicking on the link at the end of this page or on the home page. The link will direct you to our application forms. Under the ‘Select’ menu choose either the affiliated, non-affiliated or second claim memberships application form.

Please complete and submit your chosen application type. We will then review your application and once we have all the correct information, we will send you an email invitation asking you to complete your membership application and pay your subs. We do reserve the right to refuse any membership applications.

If you join half way through the year (after October) a 6 monthly payment can be agreed. Please discuss this with the Membership Secretary.