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By clicking the link below you can see our Training Schedule which is made up of different coloured sessions. Each session is designed with a goal in mind. We have sessions for beginners, experienced runners and those looking to improve their PBs.

In addition, you can also click here to see what the idea behind each session is and understand approximate mileage for effort sessions.

An old version of our training plan can be seen here for reference.

Running Terms Explained!

  • Intervals – a type of training that involves a series of low to high intensity bursts, with rests/recoveries in between.
  • Effort session – a sustained period of time or distance at a pace that is more intense than your steady run pace.
  • Steady run – a run over a set distance and sometimes pace, run at a constant (depending on conditions/route) pace with minimal re-groups/stops.
  • Hill session – exactly what you would expect! Running up and down hills of various gradients and at varying speeds.
  • Fartlek – a Swedish term that means “speed play,” is a form of interval or speed training that can be effective in improving your running speed and endurance. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your run, alternating between fast segments and slower jogs.
  • Long runs – slightly different to a steady run as the distance is set but the pace is personal choice.

Coaches & Leaders

Meet the Littledown Harriers Coaches & Leaders! All have as a minimum the Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification from England Athletics.

  • Head Coach – Luke Dowsett (Coach)
  • Deputy Head Coach – Laurence Stevenson (Run Leader)

Our Coaches are all Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) qualified and are able to provide coaching to non-track endurance runners. Feel free to ask them any coaching related questions you may have!

Our Coaches are:

  • Paul Turle, Simon Davies, Janet Hooper, Gary Worsley, Danielle Dixon, Dily Ruffer

Our Run Leaders are all Leader in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualified which enables them to be able to lead safe and enjoyable running sessions for mixed ability groups of runners. They are not coaches, so are unable to provide any coaching to runners.

Our Run Leaders are:

  • Paolo De Luca, Kevin Dowsett, Mike Neal, Mark Everett, Suzanne Janes, Andy Milsom, Scott Blakeway, Becky Sinkinson, Richard Smith, Ant Robins, Mat Sharp, Sharon Taylor, Maria Everett.

Steve Williams

Maria Everett

Maria Everett

Mark Everett

Mark Everett

Louise Austin

Club Captains

The club races in the Dorset Road Race League and also has its own Club Championships events, therefore to have teams, we need captains. We have a Male and Female Captain and Vice Captain. The role of these Captains is to mostly motivate the members to sign up to the races and represent the club whenever we can. 


  • The Men’s Captain is Steve Williams assisted by Vice Captain Mark Everett
  • The Female Captain is Maria Everett assisted by Vice Captain Louise Austin

Committee Members

Our running club is organised and run (pun entirely intended) by up to 16 voluntary committee members – we have a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Male and Female team Captains, Male and Female Welfare officers, Head Coach and many other standing Committee members. We meet every two months to discuss matters arising within the club and endeavour to make the club as great as it possibly can be. Below you can see who these people are and what they do.

  • Chairperson : Greg Hawkins
  • Secretary: Suzanne Janes (
  • Treasurer: James Sturman
  • Membership Secretary: Ken Ballam
  • Male Team Captain: Steve Williams
  • Female Team Captain: Maria Everett
  • Male Welfare Officer: Gary Worsley (
  • Female Welfare Officer: Heidi Snook (
  • Head Coach: Luke Dowsett
  • Club Championship Coordinator: Steve O’Connell
  • Communications: Mark Everett
  • Committee Members: Anthony Robins, Kevin Dowsett, Glenn Batt, Sharon Taylor


Littledown Harriers have three award categories:

  • Runner of the Quarter (RotQ) / Harrier of the Quarter – Awarded for performance, input into the club, encouragement and/or overcoming adversity. Presented every 3 months following member’s nominations, input from coaches and a committee vote. Year starts after the AGM.
  • Members’ Runner of the Year / Harrier of the Year –  (RotY) – Voted for entirely by members in recognition of another member’s input, improvement and/or club spirit etc over last 12 months and awarded at the AGM. 2023 winners: Sharon Taylor and Mark Everett
  • Bush/Forman Trophy – Decided by the coaches & committee for work done by a member over the last 12 months for the benefit of the club and/or local community. 2023 winner: Luke Dowsett

To view a list of all our awards winners, please click on the link below!

Award Winners


Should any member wish to discuss a welfare concern, please contact either Gary Worsley or Heidi Snook in confidence.

Renew Membership

Existing members will be sent a reminder email when yearly April membership is due with details of costs and how to renew.

Cross Country (XC)

Littledown Harriers are part of the Hampshire Cross Country League which usually runs from October to March. More info can be found here.

Fixtures for the 2023/ 2024 season are:

Saturday 28th October 2023– Wellesley Woods, Aldershot

Saturday 11th November 2023– Popham Airfield, Basingstoke

Saturday 2nd December 2023– TBC

Saturday 13th January 2024– Prospect Park, Reading

Saturday 10th February 2024– Kings Park, Bournemouth

If you would like any further info on Cross Country, please speak to the Club Captains.




Littledown Harriers Club Championship

Each year the club chooses 15 local races of varying distances which make up our Club Championship (CC).

To qualify for a ranking in the CC you need to complete 8 of these races. Alternative ways of achieving 8 races are to either: complete 6 of the named races plus a marathon and a parkrun OR complete 7 races and a marathon or a parkrun.

Most of these races will fill up quickly so enter early. Awards are given overall and by age category. There is also a trophy for completing all 15 races.

The CC is divided into male and female. The first male and female Harriers home in each race get 100 points each, the second get 99 and so on. At the end of the Championship, the best 8 scores for each participant are added together and the winners are crowned! Awards are given at our awards night held in January each year.

If you have any questions about the Club Championship, speak to the organisers for 2023 Steve O’Connell, Steve Williams or Maria Everett.


CC Races And Dates 2023

Club Champs 2023 Date
Broadstone 1/4 Sunday 1st January 2023
Lytchett 10 Sunday 12th February 2023
Hampshire XC League- Kings Park Saturday 4th March 2023
Larmer 10 Sunday 12th March 2023
Salisbury 10 Sunday 26th March 2023
Hardy Half Sunday 14th May 2023
The May 5 Sunday 21st May 2023
Puddletown Plod Half Sunday 11th June 2023
Tarrant Valley 10k Sunday 18th June 2023
Portland 10 mile Sunday 2nd July 2023
Stur Half Sunday 6th August 2023
The Beast Sunday 3rd September 2023
Round the Lakes 10k Sunday 24th September 2023
Weymouth 10 mile Sunday 22nd October 2023
Boscombe 10k Sunday 26th November 2023 (TBC)

CC Races And Dates 2024

Club Champs 2024 Date
Broadstone 1/4 Monday 1st January 2024

Dorset Road Race League (DRRL)

The Dorset Road Race League (DRRL) is a long established road running league in which competitors can race in up to 12 events of varying distance, spread over Dorset to win individual and team prizes each year. Competitors must be first claim members of clubs affiliated to the Dorset County Athletic Association (DCAA) and registered to England Athletics to be counted. For both individual and team competitions, the best 7 results will score towards the League. For Under 17s the best 3 of 4 and for Under 21s the best 6 of 11 will count. Some league races also incorporate DCAA championships open to those of Dorset eligibility with separate prizes to go to seniors and veterans over 40 years old.

DRRL rules can be found here

2022 Results

2022 was a great year of racing for the Harriers, the Ladies team came 3rd in the League, with the Men coming in 4th place. Both teams maintained their places in the First divisions for the 2023 season and hope to stay in these divisions when the league splits into 3 division from 2024. We also had a couple of age category winners in Maria Everett and Louise Austin, so great running all round!!

The DRRL races for 2023 can be found below – keep scrolling!

2023 Race reports:

DRRL Races & Dates 2023

DRRL Event Date
Broadstone 1/4 Sunday 1st January 2023
Lytchett 10 Sunday 12th February 2023
Marnhull 12k Sunday 16th April 2023
North Dorset Village Marathon Sunday 30th April 2023
The May 5 Sunday 21st May 2023
Puddletown Plod Half Sunday 11th June 2023
Portland 10 Sunday 2nd July 2023
Stur Half Sunday 6th August 2023
Round the Lakes 10k Sunday 24th September 2023
Gold Hill 10k Sunday 8th October 2023
Weymouth 10 Sunday 22nd October 2023
Boscombe 10k Sunday 26th November 2023