Club activity update

Sadly there is nothing further to update on with regards to a return to club activity at the moment. Things remain as they were, with all club activity cancelled.

It is great to see friends running together again now that restrictions have been eased slightly. Please do continue to be mindful of the current government guidelines and avoid meeting in groups larger than 6, and remember to keep on social distancing during runs.

The committee have been meeting as normal throughout lockdown, and were due to have the next committee meeting this coming Tuesday 7th July. However, as there have been no significant updates from either England Athletics or the government relating to a return to club since the last meeting, it has been postponed until August. If there are any big changes or announcements before then, the committee will of course move up the date of the meeting as everyone is desperate to get back to club activity as soon as we are safely able to do so.


Harrier of the Quarter – Lockdown Edition!

A massive congratulations to both Mike Kibble and Ant Robbins, who have been awarded the Harrier of the Quarter award for April-June. This is in recognition of all their hard work and support throughout the various Covid-19 challenges, which helped to keep everyone motivated and active during a very difficult time. Many members contacted the committee asking how we could show our collective thanks for everything Mike and Ant did/continue to do to encourage and motivate us all. We hope this award will go some way towards showing our appreciation. Well done and thank you to both!

Trophies will be presented as soon as we are all back together again.


Straight Outta Boscombe (aka EA Weekly 30 Challenge!)

The current club challenge, ‘Straight Outta Boscombe’, is now in its third week. The premise is simple – run as far as you can in 30 minutes, then submit your distance and wait for the amazing video results!

If you haven’t yet taken part, you can join in at any time! Read the full details of the challenge and find the links to take part HERE

Week 2 results video can be seen on our YouTube channel HERE