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Littledown Harriers Running Club was established in 1990 at the then newly opened Littledown Sports Centre off Castle Lane in Bournemouth. The club was seen as a natural extension of the activities that were provided by the centre. The club started with a small group of enthusiastic runners and now has over 150 members, of which 38% are ladies.

 Club Officers

The elected Club Officers are at present:

LADIES CAPTAIN Heather Khoshnevis
MENS CAPTAIN Vincent Rochard
  Gary Worsley
  Kevin Dowsett
  Heather Khoshnevis

 Club Contacts

For further information about the club please contact:

Steve Shuck on 01202 430509  Mob: 07887483421 or email at:
Janet Hooper on 01202 765059 or email her at:                    
Ian Noble - Membership Secretary  email him at:                   

Club Championship/Web Updates email Barry Telling at:    


We adhere to the recommendations of UKAthletics  to have one coach per 25 members.

It is also a requirement that all coaches are screened by the Criminal Records Bureau before they are able to practice.

The current list of qualified coaches:

Level 2

  • Gary Kirkby
  • Peter Spieler
  • Heather Khoshnevis
  • Simon Davies
  • Janet Hooper
  • Naomi Bennett
  • Ade Holloway

Level 1

  • Gary Worsley

  • Kevin Dowsett

  • Gary Barnes


Photos of Coaches will appear here



 + First Aid +


9 club members have recently attended a First Aid Course. The training was geared towards what might reasonably be needed in case of an accident on a club run or at a race. The course also included practical sessions. 7 Coaches and 2 volunteer members attended. This means that we will have a trained first aider on virtually every club session that the club runs.  


First Aiders:   Gary Barnes, Kev Dowsett, Sarah Hole, Janet Hooper, Gary Kirkby,
                        Heather Khoshnevis, Peter Speiler, Jon Woods, Gary Worsley.



Littledown Harriers Running Club is affiliated to UK Athletics, England Athletics and The Dorset County Athletics Association. 

The club is managed on a voluntary basis by a committee elected by the members at the AGM  held each year in June. This committee meets regularly during the year. The officers and coaches of the club comprise of individuals who were, or still are, active runners.

To access the full Constitution click Here.

 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 2011 AGM - click Here.

 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 6 July 2011 - click Here.

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 2 August 2011 - click Here

Minutes of Committee meeting held on 6 September 2011 - click Here


The main focus of the road running programme is to compete in the Dorset Road Running League. The annual programme consists of 12 races over distances from 5 to 20 miles. In addition to the Dorset Road Running League, small groups of  members travel outside the area to compete in events of their choice; trips are often abroad. 

The Club also organises its own internal Club Championship competition with a variety of  distances and terrains through the year which are open to all members.

Members are required to wear Club vests at all events.

 Club Finances

The Club is funded by the members annual subscription of £26, paid in October. New members pay £42, which includes a Club vest.

Contact Kevin Dowsett to get the Club Kit.

The majority of the Club's expenditure is in affiliation fees to various Athletic bodies and related track expenses. The Club endeavours to break even on a year-on-year basis. Full accounts are kept and presented at the Club's AGM.


If you are interested in joining the club we suggest you join us for a run on our training evenings to get to know us better before taking up membership.  No additional payments are required on the night.

At present we have 155 members, 95 male and 60 (38%) female members*. In these difficult economic times a healthy, growing club is something we can all be proud of.  With yearly membership costing a mere £26 (excl vest) that’s cheaper than a month’s gym membership.  It makes good sense and sound economics to keep fit and active with the Harriers.  New members also keep us vibrant, vigilant and on our toes!                                                                

The club fully endorses England Athletics’ mission statement ‘embracing athletes of all abilities and from all communities’. We aim to reflect the local community within our membership, so if you enjoy running and want to be part of a forward looking local club come along one club night.

Welcome if you’ve joined us recently.  Please get to know the other runners, our experienced, friendly coaches and committee members.  We’re always happy to discuss issues, listen to any new ideas or even any grumbles you may have to assist or help improve your club.    B

* As of 15-08-2011

 Social Aspects

Club members have a pre-Christmas event during December, to prepare for all the hard work of marathon training.  After competing in the Flora London Marathon, members both competitors and supporters, have a get together locally, to talk the day through.

 Special Events

Watch this space!